Mai 3 2023

The Issues Of Interracial Dating In Highschool

Rachel Simmons, advice columnist to Teen Vogue , sent me personally a query that is interesting certainly one of her visitors. The question? ” I Prefer Him, But Just What If He’s Maybe Perhaps Not Into Ebony Girls ?”

Jacqueline, a biracial girl whom simply used in a predominately white area, writes:

For the part that is most, I’m addressed like everyone else. Nevertheless when it comes down to dating and somebody asks, ” just just What do you believe of Jackie?” Individuals either respond nicely or state “I’m not into black girls.”

This results in if you ask me as acutely unjust. I’ve a great character, I have good grades, We decide to try my far better be good to any or all. The main point is, I’m a lot more than the colour of my skin, and what exactly is incorrect with black colored girls anyway?

Bad kid – we sent it around towards the group, figuring we could all connect. Therefore we could.

This is what wound up in Teen Vogue:

Your page cut back memories, not only for me personally, but from most of us at Racialicious. As being group of males and ladies who are multiracial, Ebony, Latino, and Asian, we all could relate with your page for just two reasons:

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