Jan 22 2023

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Appearance Edit

Latina is just a young woman with platinum blond locks and grey eyes. She styles her locks in double tails to conceal her horns. She actually is additionally generally seen putting on a dress that is green with light frills and a yellowish ribbon on the collar.

Following the 3 year time skip at the conclusion of “The Young woman’s want” Chapter. Latina has much particularly grown, up to the whole story begins to dub her as “Platinum Maiden” as opposed to the typical “Young Girl”.

Being a devil, Latina possessed a couple of black colored horns because of the color of her daddy’s. Nevertheless, her horn that is left was on her behalf punishment whenever she had been judged a unlawful by the priestess Epilogi. Latina broke down her right horn so that they can be “human” upon learning that she’d outlive those she enjoyed, particularly Dale.

At some point, she stopped aging physically because of the nature associated with the devil battle. keeping the appearance of a woman that is young.

Personality Edit

Latina is a rather precious, cheerful, and well-behaved woman, she always greets everybody she constantly satisfies in a really way that is adorable.

Following the lack of her dad, Latina experienced an injury afraid to be kept alone. Continue reading